363 ci rule limited Late model

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John Lathrop

1 year ago

Posted: 1 year ago
The series I'm looking to race with has a 363 ci rule. Had to be cast iron block and heads. With tire rule 1600. With that in mind here is what I am thinking about putting together and just want some thoughts on it.
Have a world motown pro block is bored to 4.155 with bbc 50mm cam tunnels with 350 mains. Block is decked to 9.00 with a callies magnum xl 3.250 stroke crankshaft with 2.100 rod journals. Oliver 6.250 connecting rods. Pistons are JE 13cc domes with 14.2 compression (64cc cambers) ratio with compression height 1.125. Per rules running a set 23° World Motown 220 iron heads with 64cc cambers with 2.08 intake and 1.6 exhaust with titanium valves jesel shaft rockers. Running billet solid roller (50mm) . World single plane high rise intake with 850 cfm willey's alk carb.