Grass roots racing doing it right

The potential for dirt track racing growth


An USA Today article dived into why attendance is dropping at the NASCAR level. The top three reason given by fans for their reduced attendance;

--Cost of the trip. Fans said tickets are the smallest impact on their financial decision, because ticket prices are dwarfed by the cost of hotel rooms and transportation to events. 

Many tracks are still at $12 or less for adult tickets and many of them allow children 12 and under in for free. Generally hotel rooms are not an issue at this level. However for those looking to sleep somewhere, many of the local tracks offer camping. 

--NASCAR’s competition-related decisions and constant rules changes have hurt the sport’s credibility and turned off some traditional fans.

Just keep it simple and consistent. The fans do not want a bunch of gimmicks when it comes to the racing. Put a good product on the track and the fans will be happy. 

--The experience is different. Instead of a midway with souvenir haulers, there’s now one merchandise tent area. Prerace entertainment such as the Sprint Experience and Fox’s NASCAR RaceDay TV stage are gone.

Fans like to be able to buy merchandise from their favorite drivers. Finding ways to encourage drivers to get merchandise out to the fans will go a long ways to keeping fans in the stands. A lot of young kids can't always make it to the end of the show, which in turn makes it tough to get to the pits to buy merchandise. I would encourage tracks to let drivers have someone set up to sell prior to the racing action starting. Even if drivers just set up a tent and tables. 

The last part is an area I normally don't see at the local level. Maybe a local band playing prior to the start of events or track announcer bringing some drivers down for interviews. This is also an area where a well run kids club can serve a purpose.